Quintili’s Villa A wonderful property State property only since 1986, the Quintili Villa was the largest and most sumptuous residence of the Roman “suburbium”. The original nucleus belonged to the Quintili brothers, consuls in 151 A.D., and was enlarged when the villa became imperial property under the emperor Commodus who enjoyed living here because of […]

Amalfi Coast Magically suspended between the blue sky and the iridescent colored sea, The Amalfi coast seems to be born from the palette of a painter who wanted to use the warmer color gradients for creating a landscape that enchants the visitor at the first shot, giving thrilling experience and such evocative view to doubt, […]

Orvieto – Umbria The underground city Orvieto origins go back to the Etruscan civilization: the first Etruscan settlements, going back to the 9th Century B.C., infact, were found inside the tufaceous caves in the bedrock upon which today rises the city. Annexed in the 3rd Century B.C. to the territories of Rome, it remained under […]

Calanchi – Basilicata Discovering this unusual place The ‘calanchi’ characterise the rough landscape of south-eastern Basilicata, surrounded by the Sauro, the Agri and the Basento valleys. In this part of the region, it is possible to notice parallel or fan-shaped furrows, created by surface water erosion on clayey slopes, called ‘calanchi’ and perfectly described in […]